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Salvaging or Return Items using other Items to Upgrade

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ok, i don't think the title really makes sense but i was able to get the event soul and now have a normal stage 8 soul that i have no use for.  i feel like if bns allowed players to salvage either the event soul (if they were unable to get the legendary) or the previous soul they had if they were able to get the legendary.  or since salvaging is so difficult, allowing us to use it to upgrade-- like the previous hongmoon upgrading system. 

so, say you got the stage 6 soul at like... 87% or something and youre still using a solak soul or stage 5 soul or yada yada-- i think blade and soul should allow players to use the event soul as a sacrificial item to get to the stage before the legendary(bc that's pretty much where they were, and spent the gold to get to it) or be able to salvage it for all the gold used or be able to salvage it for oils that would be used to get to that soul if it weren't a temporary item.  but aside from souls, i think this should be used for all the other accs. 

let's say you have a stage 2* destiny ring, and then get an elemental ring from BT-- you should be able to use the ring to feed into your bt ring since it's not like you didn't pay for the elements you fed into the ring.  or, if youre a returnee player and you still have the oathbreaker/siren/whatever accs and get the updated legendaries-- there's no point to upgrade the old path just to salvage it for 30 jewels when you could've just bought them w the gold you used to upgrade it, so why not allow it to be fed into the current paths? 

i think this would also be fair for higher geared players that likely now, don't have a use for BT accs if they have the TT ones, and also fair for lower geared players who are blocked by the jewel price wall**. 


*i use stage 2 instead of stage 1, bc it's at least 3+ jewels that were put into it that youre never getting back

**to explain this to those that wouldn't know what i mean: on my bale9 alt, she only makes abt 40-50g weekly just from the weekly challenge, that's only 4-5 jewels or 2 jewels(depending on the buy option). if i played her more actively, that might bump to like 80-100g-- which still isn't that many jewels-- so now imagine actual new players who are likely at the same tier that can't get into weeklies, or those who arent able to run anything that gives more than 1.05g (NF below basically). anyway, YES i know, it used to cost more! whatever! but when it cost more, there was more gold coming in to where we'd be able to make the gold we used back just from quests rather than having to sell stuff on the market.  i don't think players realise your income should not come solely from having to sell stuff. blade and soul is probably the first game i've played where people will so heavily be like 'just sell/buy stuff on f5'-- i've played games where i could progress fine where i could ignore the player marketplace entirely unless i was tired of farming for a weapon and just bought the sealed version. 


tl;dr: let us feed current accs w old/expired accs, or salvage it to get back all the effort(gold/mats/etc) we put into it 

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