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Fix warlocks in pvp

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Since thread came back alive here is more input

a) In tournaments people try to attack Warlocks during Time Distortion. Even if they are all pros. All fights won against Warlocks is because people get the F--- away when TD is used. 2018 Final can show it. Duckballs keep staying in Yis's face and got demolished. This is the same as trying to kill a Warden inside his own Blade Ward while SB is up. You don't win, you just won't. Time Distortion is good for Warlocks and it is strong don't get me wrong. But in 3v3 it is only OP because we can reset classes that are strong without it. 

b) Regarding what @AxeNoob said. (i pretty sure he is trolling but will answer)

if you talk about Badges/ Time Distortion lowering cooldowns then you talk 6v6. This means you also need to take in consideration FM killing you with only shadow grasp. Destroyer doing 90%+ damage with only Fury. Gunner melting 6 people with tombstone. SF being a aoe Deathzone with frost storm.

So you are saying classes that have a literal 1 button press = you are dead are less worse then a Warlock using a whole combo? Sheesh never knew using more than 1 button for a kill is worse then pushing only 1 button.

Warlock can hide behind Thrall is also funny because that only works on plebs. You can easy just aoe Thrall or if you happen to be a single target well you can even use thrall as bait and kill him from far away. (Or even get counter/evasion stack from thrall)

Thrall can Q while we are cc. Yes he can and it will disrupt your combo. But we cannot use that cc to start ours. Unlike a cat that can combo you while opponent is fully cc.


@Naramnarana So if Warlock is soo good and strong how the hell the 1v1 top 100 player has 3 Warlocks in them 2 being Yisuni and 1 is Saeuri. So the only the 2 best Warlocks made it to top 100 and only 1 is in top 10. Guess we all just so op we don't PvP? Also KD is our worst cc since only Thrall can lift off a KD.



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