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Extremely Frustrated with Launcher

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Ok I have been on a semi vacation from BnS for about a month now and decided to come back. That is when the problems started. I knew that there was an update so I let the launcher update and then first got an error about a debugger running on my system. Got that fixed, but now Xigncode will not run. I tried several options tat others have said to do with no luck. I have uninstalled BnS and reinstalled it 2 times already with no success. I have put both the NcSoft folders into my antivirus's exception list and yet still nothing. Xigncode refuses to start, even attempting to manually start it does not work. So far 3 days and support is not exactly being helpful with this. Does anyone have a solution for this annoyance?? 

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Is the bns game folder on your C-drive? (the same drive as windows) ?

For me strangely enough i had to right click on the game folder, properties and had to allow full access to the folder for everyone , thats when xigncode started to work

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