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Could use some help with a stuttering issue in game


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Hi all, hoping someone here can help me because i'm driving myself absolutely mad with this issue. 


1st, here's what i'm experiencing. Starting 2 nights ago I am noticing severe drops in FPS / Stuttering or Freezes whatever you want to call them. At full rez (i play in 4k, on a fairly high end pc) I get them every 5-15 seconds sometimes more often, sometimes less. In game they look like the screen just freezes for approximately 1-3 seconds. Out of game they look like the following:





Now up front the first thing you may say is, well, just lower your graphics settings. You wouldn't be right though haha. Here's what all i've tried.


1. Completely reformatted my harddrive and reinstalled BNS

2. Started using BnS buddy and set my computer to use all cores in case the GPU couldn't keep up with the CPU because wtf is BnS using 96% of my GTX 1080 8gb card....

3. Figured out what "No Texture Streaming" was and started using that which should have negated the problem all together since I was now loading the textures in 16x16 square blocks so this tells me it's the in memory client, not the client pulling from disk (btw using a 256gb SSD which has no other problems on any other game i play).

4. Lowered all of my graphics settings.

5. Enabled this "performance mode" from BnS buddy (still didn't fix it). 

6. Looked into packet size issues being the cause and  started using some potential fixes here that up the MTU on my network.

7. Ripped out clumps of hair, yelled at clan saying this game is the devil, shouted at the devil. Lots of other unnameable stuff.


I'm sure i tried more but I can't remember everything, as i've been working on this for literally two days and i'm out of options, please oh gracious internet peoples help me.

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I think this is now resolved. Out of sheer chance I saw a terminology in another post that wasn't really fleshed out and it made me wonder how quest tracking works in this game (disable event tracking) is what they said. Sure enough as soon as i abandoned my quests this problem is 100% gone. Thanks BnS..... for 2 days of headache haha

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If it isn't resolved, this video should help you - it is like you said, due to the quest log, it's a known issue for quite some time now (years if I am not mistaken), sadly, we don't know why the quest log/bug has this issue - or at least no explanation as to what the quest log does that makes the game stutter.

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