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Glitch Or A Bug: Not Getting Items


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Sorry For The Link Being SUPER DUPER LONG!!

But Anyways. I've been having issue with this. I'm sorta a returning player. also I'm in Yura server and my IGN name is xYukiio. So I've been trying to receive these items but the game haven't given them to me. I don't understand it at all. cause all I did was select all and receive items. but they haven't shown up in my inventory at all. by any chances can this get fixed. please and thank you. Also, I'm Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place.


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Not a bug or glitch, it's a feature, or more specifically, an ergonomically poor solution to stacking items in your list instead of listing each one individually.


Don't use select all. Go to each individual item and right click the icon on the right (not the one in the list). It will ask you how many items do you want to retrieve.



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