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Do to suspicious Activity, Account has been locked


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I'm posting this because I wanted to ask fellow players if they have had the same issue I recently had while playing Blade and Soul. I logged into the game and was playing the orange quest-lines to unlock my weekly quests. I'm a new player who just ended the game. Suddenly, the server threw me out and I couldn't log back in to the game thanks to the Message displayed in the title. I contacted support and now my account has apparently been unlocked. This is why i'm able to post here. 

Support thinks I was using some third party softwares to log into the game. The email I received from them was as follows.



Edanne (Blade and Soul)

Jun 16, 22:57 PDT


We reviewed the case and while the sanction is consistent with our policies, we are offering a Final Warning. Repeated behavior may result in closure without appeal. This includes the presence of software discussed below even if it is not actively used.

Registered users are held responsible for unauthorized access and bad behavior; http://us.ncsoft.com/en/playsmart/ has account protection tips.

Account Name: **************@gmail.com
Offense: 3rd party software
Sanction: Closure overturned to Final Warning

We prohibit use or possession of software that can be used with a game client, which enables:
automated gameplay - unattended or attended gameplay where decisions are made or actions taken for the user;
exploitation - abuse of bugs or unintended gameplay to gain benefits beyond what it intended for all users; or
software modification - altering the client or altering or monitoring communication between the client and server, including cosmetic changes only visible to the user.


NCSOFT Support Team

Just to clarify, I downloaded the game from their website and use their client to log into it. I don't use bots. I'm not exploiting any bugs. I haven't modified any softwares and yet i'm on final warning. Frankly none of this makes sense to me. BNS is probably the First MMORPG I've downloaded to play. Has this happened to anyone else besides me? Also, even though i'm not doing anything I feel like my account will get locked again for no reason one day when is quite disturbing :( 

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Hi There,


This has happened to myself and to others which have left the game long time ago. When I came back after a long break, I encountered this same situation and was given the same response by some incompetent GM. And it's a bit shocking because I was one of the founders(bought Master Founder's Pack)... and all of a sudden I get accused of stuff with vague to no details and get a final warning. The DAMN NERVE to give me a FINAL WARNING when I hadn't done anything wrong in the first place! So I gave them a warning myself - that I would dispute charges with my bank if they decide to ban my account with no legitimate reason.


Something tells me it will still happen in the future.


This is most likely related to their "hack protection" system which is having conflicts with software on your computer, most probably with antiviruses and such. So there are chances that you can get banned just for incompatibility with their crap detection system.


I was into the same situation myself - worried about the future. Things you can do going further:


- Enable 2 factor authentication to make sure there are 0 chances someone else logs in to your account

- If you spent money on the game, dispute the charges with the bank. You should not get banned without relevant evidence. If you've actually hacked, then good riddance.

- If you live in the U.S - just sue them. Throwing false claims and banning customers due to their faulty software should be punished.


Not sure if this helps you much, but might help others in the future.


Good luck!

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We prohibit use or possession of software

That's such bs. You can tell me I can't use it, but telling me that I can't possess it is going to far. I've got a drive full of tools for software development, including compilers, decompilers, process monitors, memory editors, etc., any of which could be used to try to hack the game.


I need that stuff for my work, and yeah, I could keep it on a different computer, but I would still possess it. NCSoft must be taking big brother lessons from Microsoft.





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Greetings Kevister,


Unfortunately, the forum is not the place where your account issues can be looked into. If you would like to discuss possibilities of what triggered this, please contact Customer Support and they will be able to investigate the issue for you.

You can submit a ticket to Customer Support here: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us

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