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Compliments and solo play suggestions

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...First, I really like the storyline here in Blade and Soul. Its intricate and well presented, full of betrayals and surprises. The story to date, and hopes of more story to come, is part of what brought me back to this game. To me, its the best story of any online game. It strikes a chord somewhere inside, that Hongmoon School, and the whole sad tale of its fall. The myriad of characters met along the way and their own tales is like frosting on a mousecake to this kitty. Good job!

...Another thing that keeps me playing is the ability to climb and glide. That it is appreciated and encouraged through achievement points is indicative of a broader sense of what play really is. More than just head-bashers here. Trees, buildings, spires, these can all be used strategically to move about certain areas, and avoid unwanted contact. And its fun to discover these points. I'd like very much to see further development of these. Its a bit disappointing to discover the border between what is a good, climbable surface, and what is an unreachable area. So much of the world is merely visual. More! I want more! (please!).

...I have played solo the entire game to date with my main character, now level 55, and level 9 Hongmoon. I have not participated in any clan activities, nor any PVP, not even the order vs order. I have not paid to play. Yes, there are many areas I cannot survive in (6 and 12 player dungeons) and I am the first to admit my personal skills are lacking, but, I am quite proud that I have survived and thrived thus far in this game environment. Its been FUN! And again, I want more! I want more solo content, especially in Bosses. What I see happening in many Boss areas, is a handful of high level players dominate the scene, using just a few blows to defeat the Boss, gain all the benefits, while a crowd of lesser level and power players stand by helplessly. A few more solo Boss dungeons would allow access to all players, and the existing Boss fights would still remain as is. So, again, please, Solo Boss dungeons. Especially in the lands beyond the Silverfrost Mountains. Solak and Gunwon City could benefit from some solo content, as could the Beastbog.

...Although others have certainly had their own experiences, I must compliment the support team here at Blade and Soul. They have responded quickly to my tickets, and, done their best to help me with my questions and concerns. Thank you.

... So, to sum it up, I appreciate what Blade and Soul is. Especially the anime aspects, almost forgot to add that. I just want more, much more of what is already here. Let me climb that Palace and distant mountain, enjoy the view and then jump off and glide high above whatever terrain lies below. Oh, anyone ever jump off the world? Try it. There's a whole world below the one we're playing on. Try it. Maybe, someday, the developers will allow me to reach it.

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If you're looking for a solo experience in an online game, I can only say that this isn't the game for you. After finishing the solo story content, the game becomes all about gearing up, which requires you to do 6, and 12 player content. You saying you "thrived" while playing solo, without paying money suggests to me that you likely would be considered quite under geared compare to what much of the community expects players to have to be able to participate. Different games, are made for different audiences, this is not a game directed to the solo play crowd, solo content in this game comes mainly from "challenge" type solo dungeons like the ever expanding Mushin's Tower, or related dungeon line, which will again be added to in the next patch.


If you want a more solo friendly action online game, I'd suggest something in the town hub, instanced dungeon genre of action RPGs, like Continent of the Ninth (C9), SoulWorker, Dungeon Fighter Online, Closers, Elsword, and others (I'd suggest you not try Kritika, or at least not the NA/EU release of it, it's trash).

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When the game first came out in the west, it cleverly allowed "solo" play in open 24 man raid zones. You didnt have to group up is what I meant and you still got the feeling of socialising with others but without the toxicity you find in F8. I mean, you just kinda played with everyone else, in groups or not, but you still had the ability to progress your gear and your ss, and socialise with other players. It wasnt all dungeon play. I remember getting true Pirate without really feeling like it was a grind. There was also that pvp area in the woods with the dragon. That too was just enormously inviting for random solo/group play. It felt community building. Well, I shouldnt get all rose tinted, the lag was real omg. The dragon was so laggy I dont even know wtf was going there. But it was still fun.


Since the pirate areas of moonwater plains I dont know that they have really released anything as solid in that type of open raid  environment, or if they ever plan to again, but everyone I talk to kinda miss that type of content. I for one, would not mind having the option to do that stuff rather than the daily 3 dungeons. 



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...Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Heck, who knows? Maybe the developers will hear that others want more solo stuff, and add some more solo content eventually. I agree there is an area or three where one can join in on group efforts, and retain that solo play feel. I completed grand harvest recently, as the lag was better this time round, so it was a much smoother experience.

...I've tried a few other online games, but this one has more of the elements I enjoy. I'm sticking with it, and making the best of what is already here, and hoping that more will come eventually.

... I'm awaiting the next chapter in the tale, wondering how we're going to balance running a school of imps with saving the young reincarnated girl from the new heavy. I have not seen any story related content I could not solo, and if there is any, please note its location.

...Again, thanks for posting!

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...Been a while now, and I've soloed my main character up to 55, HM 16. Its a long grind. But, it has had its rewards. I am planning on partying if I can find groups to do so, as in order to follow certain storyline aspects, multiple players are needed. Have to study some videos on youtube to be ready for the tougher 6-12 player dungeons. We'll see if my character can make the transition. Been a lone Kat for a long time now, after my friend quit the game. My current character has only played solo.

... There is a lot to this game beyond grinding and dungeons. My fav is long glides and building/tree/spire climbing. Been to the top of many palaces, and its fun figuring out ways around those darn slanted roofs. Nearby walls and tall trees really help. At Cinderlands Deva, try diving down on the lanterns. From the towers beyond the dungeon, its a good 100 ft dive, and jumping from the floating rock above the big rock in the desert makes it about an 600 ft dive. Fun!

...I'd like to see the developers make a stand-alone version of this for the PC. But, only if they leave in the climbing and gliding aspects. Too many dungeon/adventure games are closed pathway types, while this game is a very open world by comparison. Being able to repeat dungeons and bosses takes it way beyond the storyline, and adding in the games within a game it has, makes it unique.  I would gladly buy such a game...hint, hint...

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