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Thinking of coming back

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Hey, first of all i am really sorry for my bad english :D


After Bless was a big let down i wanna come back to BnS; i havent played the game for like 7 months.

I know the game is kinda p2w but i dont mind putting some money in a game.

What i want to know is:

1) are there still a lot of ppl playing or is it kinda empty?

2) do u always fight the same 20 ppl arena or did more ppl decided to do arena

3)is the endgame only runnin dungeons?

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Yo just try it nothing will bash you to the head for it :D

1. I would say there is plenty of ppl for pve content. Most of gameplay is in f8 loby so dont expect ppl to be in towns :D

2. Nope i would say arena is kinda dead still.

3. End  game is dungs and 3 raids.

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