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again newbie questions

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Hongmoon Skills are essentially upgraded versions of your normal skills.
You don't farm the Hongmoon Skills themselves, but rather the tokens needed for them. You can see how many you need by visiting Mushin's Tower. There are several vendors nearby just as you windstride in, check them out as there's several currency options to purchase the items required to unlock the Hongmoon Skills.

To see what items you need to unlock which Hongmoon version of the skill, head into your achievement's menu (U) and there should be a list there under the "Character" tab.

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Sorry about that, most of the currency are farmed from PVP (Zen beans, etc.) Just either run Battlegrounds and get carried or 1v1.
As for Bravery Coins, you can also get them from the Daily Dash and on some special events (which are random)

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considering that warlock is pretty good in arena - i would suggest you to farm 1x1 and tag matches for zen beans, while also learning and enjoying the pvp. Then trade zen beans for bravery coins and use those to buy items you need to unlock HM skills.

It is now very cheap to get HM skills, they were a big deal for the first 1-1.5 years.

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