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Just hit 45 should I be doing something other than my story quest?

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Ok, just hit 45 and ended up near the east fleet supply camp. I went in and promptly got my but handed to me. While I was picking myself up a kind soul said mmm you might wanna go do your epic quests....


At this point should I be doing something other than the story quests? And by epic quests was she talking about the purple quests I get?

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Actually at no point while leveling you are bound to do any blue quests/dungeons. You can of course (while big dungeons may proof to be too hard to solo for you, like the one you encountered. This is because it was once kinda endgame while the cap was 45), but you don't need to.

With epic the yellow (story) quest was meant (not sure why epic but ok). The yellow quests get you to level 55 and get you all the stuff you need. The purple quests give you after the "tutorial" part new running abilities mainly. Orange quests (you get them later) are leading to the story of the raids, but can be soloed to the point where you need to do the raid (also are needed to that point do to some weekly quests). Blue ones are optional at your point of the game. Once you finished the story, you are doing blue daily quests from dungeons and stuff.

If you have none-daily blue quests you received from you j-quest-tab, those are mostly to unlock something, for example the other dungeons from blackram (you probably got that one already, some invitation from poharan). You can just skip them for later, or find someone to help you, as hardly anyone runs these dungeons anymore, because all they have is fashion. And if one wants the fashion they mostly run solo, so they don't have to bid on it.

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