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Time to make some older Hellion Accessories accessible with 10-run achievement?

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Pretty please :please: 


Ebondrake Lair can drop engines at a good rate, Starstone Mines is short to do and people bid on the rare gloves. Both of them have simple mech (Ebondrake Lair can be ignored for mech completely). Meanwhile Hollow's Heart are long, and it need players who know mech to run.  Yeah, it can be cheese with rez charms or Dragonblood, but let consider rez charms having long cooldown so you cannot spam them constantly, and Dragonblood will cost you 3g ea if you don't have like 100 of them lying around from previous events. 


Consider you already nerf the rewards to oblivion by removing Elder Dragon Chest on these three dungeons, maybe it is time to fix achievement to do the run from 100 runs to 10 runs too.

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43 minutes ago, Everandia said:

Would be nice. While they're at it it'd be nice if they added at least a 100 run achieve for SST bracelet. Kind of hopeful on that one though. Overall I'd just prefer them re-adding dragon boxes.

That will come anyway no point in asking about it, probably even with next patch. And yeah about time they change some to 10runs, 100 is so alt unfriendly.

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Only reason I feel they won't is because for some classes, EL ring is BiS. Or damn near close to it. Gloves are still BiS, and they're all BIS for PvP. So from a PvE perspective, there isn't much reason not to make it 10 at this point. From a PvP perspective, it just makes it more accessible, which I think they should do, but some might see it differently.

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