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PVP gearing

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hi im new at the game and i used my free level 50 voucher what should i do should i do my main quest or should i do aransu quest how gearing works in pvp im not really fan of pve  and i am a blademaster

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You should run through your main storyline/complete it as that will give you the levels you need (Level 55 HM7-8). Seeing as you're new, you could also run through the entire story if you want, it's really not wise to use the ticket especially if you're new as it can get quite overwhelming - it's like jumping straight into the deep end. But, regardless, after you've done your story (yellow quests), complete you orange/raid quests (up until you have to do the raid itself - then leave it) as that will give you some extra gold. Once you've done that, head to Mushin's Tower, there should be a vendor nearby when you windstride in that sells Galaxy weapon boxes, keep purchasing these until you get 6 gem slots on the weapon (good luck), if you lack the Naryu Silver to purchase these, head into Gunwon city - Celestial basin, there should be mini-bosses there that drops 1 Naryu Silver each time you kill them.


Once you've got your Galaxy Weapon Stage 1, 6 gem slots, you'll want to head to Solak - Valindria, there's a vendor there that sells Hollow accessories, you'll want to pick yourself up some of those. 

Once you've done that, you'll want to decide on what kind of PvP content you want to do, 1v1, 3v3, 6v6 or open-world.


To be honest, it is brutally hard to get yourself geared up for PvP alone, you'll need to do some PvE content as well (for your legendary accessories). 

Gearing up for PvP is similar to PvE, just different accessories.


For your accessories, you'll want to pick up:

  1. Weapon: Try to upgrade your weapon (Galaxy) to Ascendent Stage 1-3 as by that stage, your weapon is stronger than any Raven Stage'd weapons - this is your top priority.
  2. Necklace: You'll want to eventually get the Hellion Necklace from Ransacked Treasury (dungeon) - you'll need to be slightly geared for though, so running Desolate Tomb for your PvE oath necklace isn't a bad idea.
  3. Earring: You'll want to get the Hellion Earrings, which you can get from either running Starstone Mines (dungeon) - or the achievement vendor, which you'll need to run Starstone Mines a few times to unlock the achievement and the ability to purchase it from her just like your Oath Necklace. The upgrade path you should take is dependent on your element.
  4. Ring: You'll want to get the Hellion Ring, which is dropped from Ebondrake Lair (dungeon) - similar case with the earrings, you can also purchase it from the achievement vendor in Zaiwei (Silverfrost mountains).
  5. Bracelet: You'll want to get the Sky Vault Bracelet, this, you can purchase from the vendor named Kangcha in Mushin's Tower.
  6. Belt: Hellion Belt, and is dropped from the Drowning Deeps (dungeon).


All of these gear are quite the boost and are worth investing your time into getting them if you're planning to spend most/the rest of your playtime in PvP - or rather Battlegrounds as that's where gear matters most.

But, until you have these pieces of gear, sticking to 1v1 or 3v3 is recommended unless you want to be carried/do poorly in Battlegrounds.

As for open-world, it's honestly semi-dead, but if you want to do open-world, sticking with PvE gear is perfectly fine, but having PvP gear would most likely make you un-killable as most players you run into in open-world will be rocking PvE gear.


It also might be wise to play around a bit on your Blademaster as you're new to the game and class - you might also want to complete the training provided for you in F12 - get a sense for the class and playstyle.

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Going for non-gear balanced PvP straight from scratch is a difficult project, but as I like 6v6 much more than end game PvE I completely sympathize with this cause. ;)

Here are some gear choices that can help you bridge gaps while you wait for the end game PvP gear mentioned above:


- purple PvP accessories: EC, IF and DT all drop purple PvP accessories that no-one bids on but that provide a lot of debuff damage and a set bonus with critical defence and debuff duration increase. Use these for ToI and for some first 6v6 adventures. Use 2 of these and belt and 1 other Draken accessory for more HP.


- After the storyline there is a Solak quest letter that starts you on a quest for a load of galaxy fragments. Those and Ascendant stones are actually quite easy to get nowadays, e.g. from daily dash. So grab yourself a full Elder set for early 6v6 adventures. Beluga 8 is the first really viable 6v6 set, but can take a while to complete. Any actual BG points are probably better invested in Dragonforge tokens.


- Novacore 5 set is what you want as your 1st good 6v6 soulshield  set. Combine it with 3 SS from SSM. Nova-8 is also very good for saome classes, but requires a lot of farming.


- Push your pet as early as you can. If you can get some pet upgrades from seasonal events go for it. For PvP, pets are a better value for money than souls (although Soul is also very strong in 6v6).


- Fuse pierce into your soulshields, until you get at least 30%, better 40% pierce.


- Get Amber and Emerald gems for additional survivability.


- HM point progression: 20off/20def, 10off/50def, 20off/50def, 20off/50def + 10 for debuff resistance (that's HM16 by then)


- Sadly, until you get a VT badge you are essentially 2nd class citizen in 6v6. Once you got 3000-4000 gold spare try to buy one asap.

My minimum recommendation for first 6v6 adventures is Ascendant weapon, purple PvP accessories and full galaxy SS. But remember this will still leave you very weak. Also try to understand the combat system by practicing 1v1 before going to the battleground, people die too fast there to actually understand how skills, escapes, iframes and combos work.


Hope this is of some help!



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