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Do you miss 4-man mode?

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I feel kinda missing them.


The old 4-man was basically 6-man with less players, without Dragonblood and boss' attack indicators. However, the mech stayed faithful in term of execution in both modes: three mech phases and instant-wipe for smallest mistakes. So if you are good at doing mech at 6-man, you can are good at doing mech in 4-man too.


I feel that player's in-game quality back then is much higher. F8 players were capable to do Hard Mode back then. And F8's recruitment for Hard Mode is not rare.


Also, running 4-man means less competition for loot and more gold split from bidding.


Nowadays, mech phases become less a threat in normal mode, and players just want to overwhelm the mech with DPS. Since less players bother to do mech in Normal Mode, it is obviously that there will be also less players who know mech enough to actually tackle Hard Mode. Hard Mode runs are now extinct on F8 lobby, and you can only see them either being clan/friend runs who you can trust, or made by whales who just need to fill the party's DPS spot and they will take care the rest.


I can't help to that feel NCSoft has gone a wrong way in tuning the game's difficulty. From being an accessible content for everyone to enjoy, Hard Mode is now only accessible by the very high-geared. I guess NCSoft realizes something wrong with this already, so they keep buffing Hard Mode mode rewards, but this widens the gap between Normal Mode and Hard Mode further.


I feel that 6-man content should be more enjoyable to everyone, like the 6-man and 4-man mode back then. If you want a serious content, we already have raid and pvp for that.

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Sometimes it triggers me so much to see good mechs being completely ignored, even in bosses like Jurupo.. like no one cared about even doing the flower mechs, we died ? np, 6 players -> 5 instant res. party charms.

This was so disgusting, I just pressed 4 when I finally died to 200 stacks after having to aggro as WL after XXXXXXXX mins, first death mind you while it was a party res fest in the other side. (while I like 'challenges', they need to change this touhou bs still, I mean if only the hitboxes were actually fine, I wouldn't mind, but they are not and iframes doesn't work, you still get stacks)


I'm also like, one of the few WL I see doing FD in Hollow's Heart, either other wls are slacking (understable tho) or probably thinks "char 2 slow, cant do it XDDD" because only point of Thrall with them is tab tab. Forget E gives 3 sec of movement speed + Q (A for baguettes) stuns right..


Idfk, either :

- lock boss' hp for mechs so people are forced to do them, so they can actually be smart for a change.

- give wipes even in normal mode, this is why it's fun to run traps RT/SST.

- delete every party res. charm, wtf is this. Only allow one self res. charm, so if you die again now you really are done. 


But good God, I hope we can feel the interesting mechs for real once... .-. I often trio'd SSM/HH with friends, it was fun.

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