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which weapon and accessories for fire and shadow gunslinger

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I think they all use the same weapon and acc, just use the correct element. hence we have, Ring: TT>BT>RT>DT>Draken, Earing: TT>BT>NS>Pinnacle>Draken(joke), Necklace: VT=Draken>EL>pinnacle(at a lower ap, use draken instead), Bracelet: ST>Draken>Pinnacle, Belt: Hellion>Draken>Pinnacle/Hollows, Gloves: King>SSM>Hollows. 

For soul shield TT>VT>BT>MSP, Weapon is always Aransu>Raven, or Exalted/Storm Dragon>Riftwalk/Dawnforged(this line is not recommended by most players).

Feel free to ask more questions.

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