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Returning scrub player

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Gear price is the same for every class, and every class has to make the same progression, so there's not a cheaper class than another. The concept of "fun" is personal i guess; as for easy to play, go for a ranged class like gunner (tipical high dps + reset), force master (high dps + party protection), warlock ( soul burn buff) or summoner (healer + cat tank + party protection). As for me, i find ranged classes boring most of the time so i usually play melee dps + utiility. It's just up to you, really, but u may want to start with an easy class to farm end game content and learn mechanics of bosses and dungeons. You should pay attention to what internet connection you have, since some classes are really hard to play with high ping (kfm, sf and few others). Just look at some vids and see what u like yourself, as there's really no overall "weaker" class. That said, gunner and summoner are really noob friendly and pretty popular.

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1 hour ago, Godreil said:

few weeks? in kr maybe lol

warrior will come to us maybe in october or november, earliest in september

it will be my Main XD i literally just collecting accound bound stuff not spending ANYTHING + not taking out ANYTHING from my account bound stash allready have like 500+ stuff in there and i will keep collecting till its release lol...
gonna put it all into that char... i already know i gonna love it...

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Just returned myself.  Played a year.  Took a year off.  Came back.


I know for me personally, I haven't cared for Summoner, Force Master or Kung Fu Master.  I've enjoyed the other classes, and part of the problem with KFM could just need to get mine to a higher level. :p


Love Warlock, Soul Fighter and Gunslinger.  While being stuck with a Lynn may not be what you want, Blade Dancer is a lot of fun and Blade Master wasn't bad either (just not one of the top 3 for fun).  Assassin I'd make number four on my list of fun. :)


Surprising on my picks (well not the slinger, I love dual pistols) as I usually play melee. :p

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