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You add Dragonblood to higher-difficult dungeons, but not Dragon Coils

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There are no Dragon Coils for players to purchase Dragonbloods from, starting from Desolate Tomb up to Drowning Deeps.


While you can buy Revitalizer from Dragon Express or get them from events, it costs 3g per Revitalizer:




Even if you somehow hits zero HP and spend a Dragonblood from these Revitalizers, you may still fail even after that, thus wasting 3g. If you buy a Revitalizer, use it and the dungeon is cleared smoothly, you still waste 3g for nothing but a feeling of insurance that does not carry to other dungeons.


I suggest to add Dragon Coils to those dungeons. It will serve as a visual reminder for players who feel they would need it, and use Naryu Coins like always.

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This is why you should put these revitalizers on the easy tab (where your potions and dumplings are), so when you see ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ happen, you can immediately press it and grant a dragon blood right before you die.

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