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I think it is better for non-raid weapon path to be combined into a single one

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With Raven being cheaper to upgrade now, people who go to non-raid path is either ones who are stuck with Dawn/Rift and cannot revert (though they should go Raven ASAP), and people who want to go to Aransu 6 through Storm Dragon path. Only a few classes benefit greatly from Storm Dragon's cooldown reduction. No one would bother upgrading to Exalted in case Storm Dragon's suck for their classes, cuz Raven 9 provides much better damage buff.


I think it is a waste of resources to continue to develop the Dawnforged/Exalted path further, when no one with a sane mind will bother to use them, and it poses as a trap for players who are unaware. It is  would be much better to just integrate the damage modifier of Dawnforged/Exalted into Riftwalk/Storm Dragon, turning them into a single weapon path. It will make Riftwalk/Storm Dragon slightly stronger, but not game-breaking.


The only thing that players would miss is that Dawnforged/Exalted may have pretty weapon appearance.

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It would only have to equal the costs of the two weapons. The road from Dawnforged / Exalted is extremely expensive would encourage me to say that 3 or 4 times more expensive than raven / aransu the reason for those weapons was for those who could not follow that passage of raven / aransu had the other either for certain reasons of not finding a clan or abandoning the one that has because they like it, the ping there are many players that are not near the server or can not pay a 1gb connection, unfortunately ncsoft not pay attention to those points, I saw many guys who complained Even today I see guys trapped in exalted and can not keep raising their gun because of the expensive pearls come out. sorry for my english

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