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Blade Master Conflagration and Fulmination timers in simple mode

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I'm currently on Lightning BM and will talk about Lightning BM issues (Was a Flame BM a month ago, but decided to switch to Lightning after the simple mode implementation). The only reason I use simple mode is because having the unstable ping ranging from 90-180ms mostly at 150ms, ani-cancel seems impossible, like when ping is low I can switch the clicks faster to achieve a faster ani-cancel attack, but if I keep the same pace while the ping rises, I lose a lot of damage since the delay did not proc my attack and will result in 2 lmb or 2 rmb in a row. Other than this, I have no reason to use simple mode, and would rather prove the skills by doing all ani-cancels by myself.


The simple mode automatically spams your Fulmination spells whenever they are ready. For instance, starting the fight with a lunar slash is acceptable since we all do (mostly), but while fulmination timer is still on, and using lunar slash again is mentally stupid. More importantly, after using soul blade stance, it automatically uses lunar slash directly (okay np), and then uses Blade storm straight afterward??????? (NC PLEASE) this would end with a gap having no Fulmination buffs for the rest of 5 seconds in soul blade stance, and I really can't exit soul blade stance directly since I want to trigger my Divine Dragon Bracelet once more. If you say I can just wait for fulmination buff to go (6 sec from blade storm after it overwrites lunar slash's buff), and use Lighting Draw (10 sec with badge) to fully add up to 16 sec of the whole soul blade stance duration, but.... for maximum damage to occur, using lighting draw at the beginning of the soul blade can boost up a hell lot more damage, and it gives a good burst as well. As a result will be like v -> xcv ->Lightning draw(10 sec buff) -> RMB(auto use Lunar Slash 3 sec, completely ignored duration since 10 sec is longer than the 3 sec) -> RMB again(this time blade storm is auto used, 6 sec of buff ignored again since 10>6). so still end up with only 10 seconds of buff................................


I don't need you to improve the AI in this simple mode. If possible can you please allow us to edit or at least turn off some simple mode combos?

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I also play BM, but I play fire. and I believe that simple mode for both BM elements is really bad, the fire rotation is far from optimal and the anim canceling of lightning is very slow, for those reasons alone simple mode becomes useless and the worst thing of simple mode is during phoenix wing / flock of blades.

I understand that BM rotations change a lot depending on the gear you have, which makes it really hard to actually preprogram how the simple mode should work. So I think there are 2 possible solutions:

1) Allow us to configure which skills we want to use (even if it is 2 or 3 setups to choose from),

2) Add only the basic attacks to simple mode and we choose when to use tab, sundering sword, lightning rod, etc.

My intention was to change to lightning after simple mode since my ping is above 200, but seeing that the anim cancel is much worse than doing it manually I changed my mind.

The saddest thing to me is to see that some classes actually benefit from using simple mode (gunners ofc) while for BM it seems it was done without much thinking.

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