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My question is about thrall.... I find it quite "useless".... I mean, i find is use quite occasional and far from being a must use (i mostly use it to tank on Solo Boss)...


Or i missing something about it.


can you enlight me on the use ot Thrall please.

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Well either you are rather new and not max level yet or you mean it in a what he really does way...


If you are new, your main buff is soul burn, for which you have to summon the thrall and then he kinda destroys himself to apply the buff. As the buff is really important, that is the only thing he does.

But you are right (in a general way), the thrall is not summoned outside of soulburn right now. Because the damage is not great (nor should it be) and some tanking is the best he can do... I find him kinda useless myself, because the time you are casting him (in a normal dungeon scenario) and till he actually does what you want him to do, is kinda long, and then he doesn't even do great things. 

So there could be more use of him. On the other hand, he is used to stun in tricky places, so I really would not want to miss that, as it is super usefull.

All speaking for pve, pvp is a different matter, but I don't pvp.

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Warlock is the most wanted character in game because of Soul Burn which gives OP damage boost to the whole party plus it has 2 other buff +5% AP and focus regen which are also very useful. If there is more than one warlock in party one does Soulburn  and others one of the buffs

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