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For an event in future, I suggest to use Windrest

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Windrest is a good place to hold an event, with relaxing atmosphere and fun quests. The quests here recommends you to party up to quicken the progress, and you can do the quest regardless of plebs or whales.


Also, Windrest is also a place where we can meet our Hongmoon disciples outside of story quests. Considering the next story act will be dramatic, players should have a chance to hang out with their disciples, especially new players who never do Windrest before.


The event format is simple: just ask players do the four daily quests there. Maybe add a delivery quest to send rice crop to a researcher in Bamboo Village (she was the one who revealed to you about Windrest in the first place).


Event rewards will include Windrest seeds (use for Windrest pouches or cosmetics) as always, plus event currency.

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The crop quest might be the most doable quest if this was a thing.


The fishing event is gonna take years, with people always camping on the fishes. Even with 6man parties, that's gonna be 3+ parties fighting over it. Then when Kaari finally spawns, somebody will 1-hit it. And everybody else has to wait 5 minutes again for the next spawn, only to see it getting 1-hit again.


Both pig quests are very limited; only 2 big pigs can be grabbed until respawn. The longer quest only has 2 hay stacks, so only 2 parties at a time can do that area.


And then consider all the players that aren't gonna play in parties. It's gonna be a toxic shitshow. Especially if they have better ping than all other players, making them be the one to take all the fish, grab the hay, and 1-hit Kaari.


Then there's the leeches, mainly on the crop quest. Making the crop quest much harder than it has to be.


Overall, I think Windrest is a nice, relaxing area, when doing it solo or a party of friends. When randoms appear, more often than not, they ruin the entire mood. Leeching on crop quest. Leeching on fishes and Kaari. Killing Kaari as quickly as possible without considering other players.


If anything, new players are never coming back to Windrest. Thinking it's always the toxic shitfest they saw it was in the event.


So no, I think this is a bad idea for an event. Not horrible, like the forced PvP event. But still pretty bad.

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