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Not a fan of AMD based systems (Consider me a Intel fanboy).  Get a Intel based system.  However, the one linked is a 4th generation intel CPU.  Get a 7th or 8th generation one instead.


Also graphics card will matter depending on the resolution you are wanting to play in.  A 1050 TI for example is not going to give you 90 FPS at 4k for example lol.  My 1080 TI and Intel 8700K at 4.7ghz isn't going to give me 120 FPS at 4k either lol (Though in not so heavy areas, it does no problem along with playing it at 1440p).  In my old system, I had a 1070 and when I upgraded to 1080 TI, my FPS did increase in B&S and that was a 1440p.  


The real question you should ask yourself is are you planning on just playing B&S solely on this computer or not?  If not, then graphics card matters.  Seems like the new 1050s are the budget card for gamers, especially if you're planning to play at 1080p.  Additionally, depending on your monitor, all that would be needed is to run the game at 60 FPS instead of 120.


At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you have a high power system or low end, nothing is going to give you max FPS all the time when you are in a raid or in a 6 man dungeon on max settings.  If so, someone show me a video of someone at 120 FPS in a raid attacking the boss all at once lol.


Ram?  16 GB of ram should be fine, but overkill regardless if all you're going to be doing on this desktop computer is playing B&S.  8GB would suffice.  However, once again, if you plan on doing much more with this computer, then get 16 GB of ram.  I personally have 32 GB in mine, but I do more than just play B&S all day lol (I don't play B&S that much as I used to).


As far as UE4, don't expect LIFE SHATTERING changes / upgrades.  Not going to give you max FPS on some low budget system lol.  Be fine with a 1070 if you're not just playing B&S as far as a graphics card.  i5/i7 7th-8th generation intel CPU works too.  Just that the 8700k is like the sweet spot for gamers as far as gaming / other use.

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