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Question for returning player.

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So I used to play this game back when it first launched, got to end game did PvP etc. I enjoyed it but then bots came along and ruined a lot of the fun I was having and I haven't played since. 


So my question is ,what is the state of the game like now? Bots still a big issue? Any PvP? How hard is it to get into PvP now? Thanks. 

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Bots have been taken care of (99%), we only have the uncommon spammer here and there (both regional and PM), PvP is still very much alive, but there are issues here and there (I am sure you can see for yourself by visiting the PvP portion of the forums) - open-world isn't as populated as it once was, but yeah.

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How bots ruined your game i wonder?

In pve you only saw them during story quests. In pvp they were just easy wins. Ye, they inflated the economy, but not to the point that they could "ruin" a game.


Anyway. There is no bots for years now. Last time i saw bots it was still 2016.

Arena is low populated. You can now easily get a match versus some ex diamond player on 1450 raiting that will destroy you before you could even understand wth is going on. I used to easily get to 1700+ rank two years before. Now it's a challenge to even get to gold on my main character.

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