Greetings blade and soul community,   Achievements Me and my guild member Alisa have been discussing how we, as veteran players is affected by the game and how it impacts us in term of class change or when a new class get implemented to the game. Both of us have been playing since the launch of Blade & Soul. Our mainly topic was about the investments time and hours achieving  the Hongmoon Levels and Achievements, and also about the consequences that players will face incase they want to change to another class and also the loss and investments the players has put into the current character they are playing. However as we know today, if a player gets exhausted or whatever scenario it is and decides to start a new character from scratch, the player is basically losing the Hongmoon Levels and Achievements which in me and Alisa’s scenario leads to two years of investment and loss. Our focus is on introducing a new re-work setup on Hongmoon Levels and Achievements, our idea is to maintain achievements gained during months/years as an account overview and not bound to each character, so whenever you create a new character you don’t have to worry about the achievements as now it’s repercussions all characters.   Hongmoon Levels The purpose of the Hongmoon levels as we understand it, is to give players a continued sense of progression after hitting the level cap of level 55. While Hongmoon levels can provide very significant bonuses to a player. This system must be an overview account bound to all characters, which means once a player creates a level 1 character and reach the level cap of 55, the player will afterwards gain all the maximum Hongmoon Levels that is achieved on the account. This model will keep your time and investment maintained and the progression that the player has achieved will not end into a dustbin, because of creating a new character. I will attach our model and current in-game model. Looking forward to get feedback and have a positive discussion.             Thanks in advance Love, Peace & Unity Valcyra & Alisa