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Just returned after a few years. Trying FM...rotation help?

Lady Nom

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Like the title says. Just returned after a few years and have decided to make a Force Master instead of going back to play my Summoner. What's a pretty standard rotation that I can use and put out optimal/semi-optimal dps? I haven't unlocked the ability upgrades yet, so I'm not super worried about that at the moment; but I'd love to get input if you have some information to share on the proper spec :D

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HM skills (you can do without but if you want to maximize dps it's pretty much required to have all of these): Asura ember for Hm blazing beam, volume 4 for hm inferno, hongmoon pellet for hm lmb.


Fire FM (recommended since it's stronger): Your main task is gonna be spamming your main rotation and maintain burn status on your enemies.


Main rotation: RMB LMB 2 in that order - your main dps is gonna be 2 blazing beam. In between you weave in inferno x and meteor shower v whenever they are up. Use dragonblaze F to increase your fire damage and F dualdragons to trigger bracelet whenever they are up.


To maintain/inflict burn, the majority of the fight you'd use shockfire (1) when your enemies have 5 ember stacks. Other than that, inferno x inflicts 5 secs of burn on hit. It's pretty much required that you have your volume 4 hmskill unlocked so that you can do double inferno.


You can go watch some youtube video, just search fire FM dps and just mimic what the players up there are doing and you'd be gucci.



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