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Missing Solak Soul

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How can I get back my Solak Soul? I left it in my storage to join event. Now I used that upgraded soul to get Echomancer Outfit (so I lost a lot od AP from that event Soul), so I wanted to use my Solak Soul again, but it is gone. I am 100% sure that I check storage and inventory and I can't find it. Where can I buy it again? Any NPC?


Or maybe I should get different soul? (Gunner HM 10, 960 AP atm).

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Well if you really can't find it, try contact support and say you may have accidently deleted it or whatever happended. Just be sure, that you really do not have it anymore.

They might be kind and help you with it.


If they don't (and you do not plan on getting a permanent soul with the current event, in which case ignore the following), you have to start again at stage 1 (or zero). Seolak soul equals a hongmoonsoul stage 3 and is upgradable, so you normally just keep it and upgrade it. So when you lost it, you can farm tokens in... nary labirynth was the name? better check that name yourself, it was a long time ago ^^ or, you collected the 200 or 250 feathers from heavens mandate and get it from the dragon express. First one gives you stage 0 (but much faster), second one stage 1. from there you would have to upgrade to stage 3 to be equal with the seolak soul.

I really hope you find it or you can get it restored, otherwise it will be a mistake which costs you quite a bit.

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10 hours ago, Annysan said:

 (and you do not plan on getting a permanent soul with the current event, in which case ignore the following)

Is it possible to make it pernament? How? I thought it will just disappear when event will ends.

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first you gotta upgrade your temporary soul to stage 6 (which is still a safe update). Then the fun begins... to get a permanent soul, you have to upgrade one more stage to get the dragonexpress item. The last update is rng, but with a help line. Every time you fail, the chance rises for 10% I think. That should be shown ( haven't done it, I need other stuff so twinks won't get that for me), and if you are really unlucky, you will get it if you have enough oils. I think the rng upgrade costs 15 event oils, so you do need some of them, but for your main definitly worth it.

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