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Stuck in Naryu Sanctum Unable to Repair


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3rd time running this dungeon (40 durability left)

After dying a few times 0 durability

1k AP Sin and noticed if you plan out and escape before you go to the final area you can get back to the start area to repair.

Other than that if you escape at the final area well you just screwed yourself into waiting 15 minutes to be able to repair your weapon.


Honestly out of all the nonsense in a game durability is just a pain, also if your going to soft lock players into an area is it so hard to put a repair fire before the final bosses?

Durability for the sake of having durability.

(I tried going back to the Tiger area, no DP to get back up there so yeah)

I know, I know "git gud"...

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This is why we have Field Repair tools, you can repair anywhere you want, you can buy them directly from Dragon express. I know this is costly, but considering your failed runs and mechs, treat this as a penalty for losing the fight and dying from bosses.

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I don't understand what the issue is. Do you die too much? If yes, you can go to the training room and practice. If you don't die to bosses in the dungeon, your durability with baleful as sin should be enough to run the dungeon four times in a party with no carry.

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