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Return and need much help


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I started Warlock since bns start, i pick wl as i like such class , i return since 2 weeks now, i hit 55.hm9

so much stuffs i dont understand,


what weapon to use ? ?  (full answer require0


i saw many WL have red aoe http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2zqfyw8&s=9#.WvoJJoiFPIU i dont have it on my skill bar :O 


how to leveling more with HM ?!


best soulshield ? ? 


how to higher my HM now ?! most the blue + orange quest is boss and can't do it alone 


+ the best blue one ask to defeat floor16 in mushin 


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Welcome back.


You will want to use Seraph (light box) as your starting legendary weapon and then upgrade it to Aransu via the Raven path. Try to get 6 gems slots before upgrading it (you can re-purchase the weapon in Silverfrost Mountains - Grand Harvest Square) - hope that's a 'full answer' for you.


The Skill you showed in the is a buff cast by the Thrall, you need to summon your Thrall and it will auto-cast it if you're close enough. Of course, you will need to spec into the "Circle of Wraith" (hit "K" to spec into it).


Best way to level your HM skills are through XP charms - upgrade the ones you get from your Daily Login Rewards via the Transmute menu (one of the icons in your inventory). Another way is through doing daily quests - those can give you exp too. Just as killing mobs - but, both the questing exp and mob-killing exp pale in comparison to the XP you can get from XP Charms.


Best soulshield is from the newest raid, the Tachun (Taecheon) Soul Shield. However, you will want to start off with the MSP Soul Shield (Dark Reaver Soul Shield) that you get from your storyline, then when you've completed your storyline and raid quests, you'll want to upgrade your gear, etc. and start doing BT (Skybreak Spire) raids, this will give you your next Soul Shield, the Nefarious Soul Shield, after that will be the Demoncaller Soul Shield from VT/SK (Vortex Temple/Temple of Eluvium & Scion's Keep) raid.


As for your HM level, I answered it in the above. All you have to do is complete your storyline (yellow) quest, then move onto your raid storyline (orange) quest. You will need to upgrade your gear before you can find other players to join to complete the orange quest.


If you're not strong enough to beat floor 16 of Mushin's Tower, upgrade your gear and then come back later.

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the skills seem to be a bit confusing for you still ;)


Altough already said, go and press K, now check the box at the top, so you only see skill which you can change. The skill you are looking for is on the right side, maybe second or third row. To get the buff, spec into it (by clicking on it ;) ). Also please note, your real party buff is soul burn, not this (last row on the right, this skill needs to be speced to party enhance, if I am not messing something up)


I am not sure what you are trying to say about upgrades doing free? 

The way it works, you collect/buy materials and upgrade your weapon with it. You can buy it from the market from other players, or in F10 (which is the cash shop, only limited offer daily, rotating). 

I would really not recommend getting all your stuff from the cash shop, it will get super expensive.

The better question is, what have you been farming ;) I think there might be room for improvement (although it is a game wich involves farming, be aware of that). So what exactly were you farming and where?

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28 minutes ago, Rebelpalestine said:

Done got it , 

what abut the right way to get my soulshield ? next one + next weapon + badge ? 


its really confused and there is too many things around 

All your questions, I covered in my response above...

To recap:

Start with MSP Soul Shield (you get it from the storyline), it's called Dark Reaver Soul Shield.

The next stage is BT Soul Shield (you get it from Skybreak Spire Raid), it's called Nefarious Soul Shield.

Then VT/SK Soul Shield (you get it from Vortex Temple/Temple of Eluvium & Scion's Keep Raid), it's called Demoncaller Soul Shield.

And your final Soul Shield is the TT Soul Shield (you get it from Twilight Temple Raid), it's called Tachun Soul Shield.


For your weapon, you will want to go Seraph Stage 1 upgrade it to Seraph Stage 10, then breakthrough to Raven Stage 1 and so on.


For your badge:

Mystic Badge, you will want to get Skyrift Mystic Badge if you're using Frost build and Pulse Mystic Badge if you're using a Shadow build. You will want to upgrade it and get Dynasty Mystic Badge (from VT/SK raid) once you're geared enough to run the raid.


Soul Badge, you will want to get both Alluvion Soul Badge and Magnum Soul Badge - you can pick either, you will need to get both in order to fuse them later on, if you are using a Frost build.

For Shadow build, you will want to get Primal Force Soul Badge.


I hope me underlining the items will help you understand it better ^^ Good luck!

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