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Bluetooth, Compatibility Mode, and BnS 64-bit client

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First of all this isn't a technical support thread, and please refrain from posting things like "just disable BT" or "just use 32-bit client" nonsense.


Scenario: I am using 64-bit Windows 10 (version 1709) desktop PC, and BnS 64-bit client has never worked nice on it.  After a fresh installation of BnS I decided to poke around the issue of 64-bit BnS client doesn't start, and if does start, having low frame rate.


To get the 64-bit client start I did the following:

  • Disabled Windows' FTH feature.  Search for a thread in this very forum for more details.  I'm not familiar with FTH, and assume it does nothing for me other than stop this game running, I disabled it entirely.
  • Next, the 64-bit BnS still not starting.  According to windows Event Viewer, the application crash is related to ntdll.dll, a Windows dll.  Because I'm reading that uninstalling Bluetooth solved the issue for some people, I disabled my Broadcom BCM20702 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Device, and the game started without error.


Now, it's obvious stupid to having BT disabled to just play a game if BT is needed for other things, I tried a work around by enabling the BT device, but also set compatibility mode for the BnS (NCSoft Launcher) shortcut to Windows 7/8.  Result is that although I can now get in game, the game is running with extremely low frame rate.


Hopefully this sheds light on the next person who's looking for a solution.  I personally find it unacceptable to having to disable a piece of my hardware to play this game properly.  Hopefully the customer support is reading this and will provide a proper fix (read: not a workaround, a fix) asap.

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