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ok so, i have a bunch of draken core that i can't use(this includes on my main and on alts), lunar twilight flowers(as if i need anything from MSP-- i already have the outfit), naryu silver/naryu coin(drops literally everywhere, and there's no more dragon blood to use it on), peaches and blah blah blah. 

all of these items are bound to account so it's not like we can just donate it to a friend to use. so anyway, my completely entitled suggestion is to give us 10000000 moonstones and ely orbs for each.

jokes aside, allowing draken core be exchanged into helion core and vice versa.

>lunar twilight flowers into raven feathers and raven feathers into hive queens wings blah blah blah. 

>naryu silver/coin used to buy lucky revitalizers(because why do they cost 15g in the first place???) or be used to buy items in celestial basin instead of using the naryu tablets. 

>and peaches for ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤s sake, make those account bound or add more useful items to the exchange merchant-- after completing the know thine enemy part 2 quest(when i already had both of my badges) i had no use for peaches anymore.  (while i'm talking about peaches, putting the transcendence engine @ the peach merchant and locking it behind an achievement maybe so obsidians arent TOO hard to get) 

these are just like.. the primary items i can think of that no longer have much of a use anymore once you get past 950-1k ap(roughly, and this is only if you have both badges)


though, if anyone has any suggestions on what i should do with these items, please do tell :please:

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lol i used 'i' a lot and i just want everyone to know i'm aware of it and find it funny
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this are actually some nice suggestions;


to be able to turn lunar flowers into raven feathers -->wings is damn right nice.

The more you level up, the less you need items which still drop everywhere. I'm referring to naryu coins of course and the newly added lunar flowers in high lvl dungeons (why are those even there, makes no sense to any person who has a brain)


At least KR has naryu gold which they can trade them for items...but us? at least they let us go up to 9999 items of each type in our inventories, hopefully in 3-4 years we will have a way to trade naryus for something important.


as for peaches - at least you can still turn those into pouches to get some crafting materials! but as they have been nerfing drops to 0/day, i dont see those pouches left there for too long

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I think this suggestion is good so far, but needs to be balanced carefully as you don't want to start people farming low dungeons for converting to higher items. So there should be a perceptible "loss" in comparison to farm these items directly.

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