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BnS has crashed twice in under 30 minutes.

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Hello, I put this here too, if I put it in wrong place for the first time.


I'm not sure what's making this. Or is it even a crash. It hasn't given me a crash notification. Just a sudden close of BnS and I find myself staring my desktop wallpaper. It started when I went on PvP on my blade dancer. I'm collecting zen beans and trying to get better. 

The first "crash" (of today) happened in PvP match with a SF, second with a FM. 

I had one win against the FM and they, along with assassins, kung fu masters and probably soul fighters. Imagine being on win against a class you usually suck against. And then out of nowhere, you're staring your desktop wallpaper, BnS closed. 

It's annoying, isn't it. You wanna punch your screen, if you've played a lot and suddenly all goes down or then, because you were WINNING. 


I feel like every time I have a lag spike, I'm scared of BnS crashing down like this. Without a crash report, anything.

My internet here is a good 4G and my laptop should be fine despite that fact it's around 4-5 years old laptop that has adventured in my backpack and is without battery and a piece of plastic glued back to it's bottom side.


Why does this happen? Do I click something? Do I make a weird shortcut? What am I doing wrong?


Edit: It happened again. I'm losing my nerves. 

"why don't you just stop playing then?"



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I'm not sure are you mocking me for not knowing something or being serious. "haha butthurt quit bns" nope I'm just asking a question and would be happy about an actual answer. Jeez.


edit: From your posts it seems like you're serious. But it really doesn't help you to comment that here. I don't know anything about blue screens, neither. Our problems are entirely different. Sorry if I seemed rude, I just sometimes feel like half of BnS community is sometimes being "kappa" with things as these or literally everything else, which sometimes pisses me off, because people ask questions and some are serious. People in this game can't expect everyone to know everything. 

And if you get pissed off at these "invisibly kappa" people and show it, they tell you to quit BnS, probably to mock and annoy you more.

Though, if you find yourself being one of them, please stop.

It's pissing people off badly, especially me with really bad and almost uncontrollable temp.

Thank you.

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