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Wind Blade Dancer Whirling Scourge (Z)


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In this update
Wind Blade Dancer skills changed a lot but there is a major bug on those changes.
Whirling Scourge (Z): You can now use Rolling Typhoon while Whirling Scourge is active.
does not work properly  sometimes. 
After running plenty of testing for a few hours with different badges it happens mostly with Alluvion Soul badge(look at the video bellow which I streamed earlier). So I hope NCsoft would look into as kr did previously when this happened. 
Another thing is  Wind Slash(Move 1) animation is set to that of Lightning Build Blade Dancers(The damage type does works properly).


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I can confirm the Alluvion bug. I was just about to make a topic before I saw this one. It seems that when Alluvion effect ends, Rolling Typhoon will no longer be available, even if Whirling Scourge is still active.

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I can confirm the bug as well.

If Alluvion Soul Badge is equiped, Alluvion buff, when activated after Whirling Scourge via Skyward Slash, will sometimes reduce Whirling Scouge effect time and stop it when Alluvion effect stop.


The opposite is also true, when gaining Alluvion buff via Skyward Slash, the Alluvion buff duration is sometimes extended after using Whirling Scourge while it's still active.

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Alluvion seems to override the whirling scourge buff, but i have a bigger problem with wind BD right now, the last second or so of wind surge, you can't always use rolling typhoon (the button appears but i have to press twice to activate it, and by that time it's a slow typhoon). Whirling scourge buff also sometimes wears out before the wind surge from it, leading to wind surge still being available (can be seen in both the buff bar and the HUD) but you can't use rolling typhoon with 2 wind focus left. Hope they fix wind BD soon, i can't stand playing my main because of the constant hiccups...

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Since we are on the same boat.

I would like to share some of the issues I can confirm that is also broken since the skill patch.


There could be more hidden ones I may not of found so please add to the list if someone finds :D
*Blindside / Strafe - Suppose to be: "Max speed sunder is still available even after using different skill" // Currently: Pre-patch ver. After use of different skill, sunder is regular speed.


*Sunder (rmb)/ Awaken Sunder (rmb)/ Rolling Typhoon(f) / Awaken Rolling Typhoon (f) - "Adjusted the global cooldown group of Sunder, Awakened Sunder, Rolling Typhoon, and

Awakened Rolling Typhoon /// Currently: Same global cool down as pre-patch ver. (faster on kr region thats ahead of us on content)


*Breeze (lmb) / Gale (lmb)/ Storm (lmb)- Hidden change not on patchnote, seems as these moves Global Cooldown has been increased for no reason. (no longer animation cancelable)

Most of these are listed as changes that are suppose to be implemented in the patch notes. However had not been fixed properly.

Thank you very much for checking the post and hope they do something about these problems soon.

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