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Returning Blade Dancer


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Hi guys, have been offline for 2 years. Now I come back, in the times I was playing max level was 50 and top dungeon was asura 4man. I had max everything for that time (weapon and jewelry being true scorpio/yeti/etc level 10) Game has changed a lot and I have many questions.


1) The crafting guilds, I was having wood as main and as secondary pottery and dunno what more I think it was 3 or 4 guilds on each char, thing is now I only have the main one which is called soul wardens? it used to be for bopae crafting and transformation stones in the past. Well I still have the max level that was in the past and it is the only guild I am having, dunno why I lost the rest of guild crafting, I was having 5 chars with different stuff so I could craft a bit of this and that. Did everyone lost the secondary guild when certain patch hitted the server or its only me and should I send a ticket for this?


2) The blade dancer build. Back in the times I was using some kind of hybrid build (you can check it out here in this video of my own 

so I was using best of both worlds, wind and lightning, now I have to choose under the skill tab what I want to go for, so what is better wind or lightning? tbh I prefere lightning but idk I want to know if the DPS is right or wrong and what's better and whatnot.


3) The equipment : what is better white or black weapon? (seraph/balefull) and if I want to focus on PVE I should go for the raid weapon I guess, isn't that the right thing? I've seen that weapon has no flicker damage tho, it is wind damage, so I am a bit confused :C


Anything else remarkable to explain that happened during this 2 years? Thanks so much!


Ah, also I don't see the XP bar anymore dunno why, I only see the orange bar on the bottom of the screen which is the HM level progress if I'm not wrong.

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1. There was a crafting guild system revamp, leaving the guilds that you see available after patch. Some were removed, other merged.

2 and 3. For lightning use Seraph, as it gives 10% flicker dmg boost, and Baleful for Sunder boost.

Lightning blade dancer is mostly LMB flicker dmg/lightning draw/lighning flash combos. Wind is Sunder RMB spam etc.

Focus on getting Raven weapon and Divine Dragon Bracelet. Upgrade wep to stage 3, then focus on bracelet to stage 10 (PRIORITY as it gives huge dmg boost).

Legendary Earring/ring (acquired via draken cores exchange or dg farm), keep at stage 3. Necklace? Up to you, I left it at stage 3 as it doesn't boost that much, and it's a waste of resources.

Find a clan, and focus on farming Black Tower (BT) accessories (or Hellion accessories via dungeons, all depends on your taste.  In the meantime you can collect resources to upgrade your raven weapon to next stages. Getting resources will be a pain and it won't happen overnight.


On daily basis farm top dungeons, from NF to HH (depends on your gear, since even I get kicked often and im raven 3 +)

Mushin tower is also a good choice for daily chores (floor 15 for a quick warm up, then floor 20)


Hope that helps!


Oh, and There's no more xp bar, your HM bar is your xp bar :P

OH AND focus on current event, get your event soul and upgrade it. Exchange it for permanent awakening soul which also boosts your dmg by a lot!

As for soul shields, get MSP, then focus on getting raven feathers for raven soul shield set!

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Thank you very much, that was really helpfull. About the XP bar, well I was 50 HM10 and looks like just doing the yellow quest at some point started to gain levels again and the bar turned blue untill I hitted level 55 and HM11. Now its back to orange since I'm at level cap. I was worried because I played the game since CBT (master pack) and I remember back in time when we were level 45 @ misty woods and they added silverfrost mountains for the level 50 cap the bar was changing and you kept your HM levels but started to gain XP again to grind the level 50. Looks like today getting 55 its easy mode, before finishing the yellow quests I was already 55 and didn't even had to do blue quests.


I also got the soul and heard it will last till june or something then I can exchange it again, well whatever.... also got the bracelet but it asks for a lot of mats to upgrade, will focus on that, also my Seraph weapon is level 9 and I guess for what I see in progress path I can go Seraph 10 -> Raven 1 which looks less painfull than going Seraph 12 -> Raven 3.


The crafting revamps kinda sucks tbh, was having 5 alt chars covering all the important guilds so in the past I was crafting everything for myself, not just the transformation stones but also minor stuff like dumplings, hammers, potions and whatnot, now I find all my chars have soulwardens level 4 except summoner with radiant ring level 4 and I can see radiant ring is pretty much useless since the diamond pouches doesn't sell good :'(


Well, whatever, I'll keep going :> Thanks for your reply and time.

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