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removing chests from high level dungeons

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so, was removing material chests you can bid on from high level dungeons your idea of balancing materials gain? dont remember reading that in the patch notes!


just went through NS to DD and had 0 chests dropped. and ive seen others complaining on the chat as well.


maybe you should have fixed this in your 10hours maintenance!


oh and the same high level dungeons now drop the lunar lowers? what is even the point? honestly! what character that can do DD has any need for some currency to buy some soulshields he used 30 patches ago?

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This is literally the most rude server update ever on BnS

They kill off the riftwalker/dawndforger.

Removed 3 weekly dungeon box chance for tradable materials.

Added lunar flower on high level dungeon... this is like... I'm speechless

Removed box material reward (replaced with that lunar Flower???)

Nerfed Gold income on old dung

and many more....


The good thing is the class balance on many class (but these came from korean smart people)


Helping newbie on NF EC DT NS is no longer rewarding LOL


Really miss BnS 2 years ago.

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