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So it appears that the developers decided to remove moonstones from the daily boxes, the main material for literally everything you need in end game: transmuting Premium Transformation Stones, crafting Transformation stones, transmuting sacred oils, you name it you're more than likely going to need moonstones.

No I'm not talking about Moonstone crystals (which can be easily farmed from Naksun and literally every dungeon).

There's 3 groups in the gaming community (this is biased by the way): There's group 1 who enjoys mainly PVP, there's group 2 who don't really care about doing either or, and then there's group 3 who enjoys mainly PVE.

Group 1 is not really affected by this patch, they're likely to just keep going willy nilly with the game.

Group 2 is also not really affected either.

But then there's Group 3 who's taken the biggest affect on this recent patch update. They are pretty much either being forced to play a feature of the game they don't really enjoy at all or more than likely going to have a hard time getting their material unless they swipe (or have that og rngesus on their side and have hm coins).

While this is not a HUGE deal of affect, let's say that group 3 is about over 50% of the bns population. NC Soft's attempt to promote PVP just because they're part of ESport would likely backfire. I can say I'm part of group 3 as well as a large amount of people I've encountered throughout my bns gameplay who would rather PVE than PVP (I'm claiming that there's a larger percent of players who play bns would rather PVE than PVP but I'm not stating this as a fact it's just based on my perspective).

People say you can farm moonstones the same way you can farm soul stones. However, now that this patch is released those mines are more than likely to be crowded up with moonstone starved players now and therefore it's going to become a PVP field again (As compared to before when you could barely spot any players for a good 2 hours). THEREFORE: PVE players looking for moonstones are going to find themselves PVPing because the moonstone mines are going to crowd up.

Here's my point in this topic: It would be nice to bring back the moonstones from those daily boxes giving people at least a chance to have more moonstones that they need rather than relying on the F5 which is going to inflate on moonstones again or hope you can make a deal with your PVP savvy pal. That was the one feature I hoped would never be touched because even though it's RNG, at least I could be able to make do with what i could get. Now there's like very little I will make off of and my chances of progressing to the PVE status I want to reach is going to slow a lot. And I'm sure this group 3 can say the same.

Now I've played bns for a good 7 months or more (technically i played since CBT but this is my first time actually maining on bns); as far as I'm concerned there's no other way to get moonstones besides f10, weekly challenge box and MAYBE f5 if desperate. These are very little options though, I had a little struggle enough with moonstones being rng, now it's just a kick in the teeth that i get such a small amount with all my alts combined. If anyone agrees with this then hopefully the admins can try to reconsider; at the same time educate me here because I'm unsure of where else I can find moonstones without having to worry about flipping my desk over because of the typical PVP bs (that and im too potato to even show other toon's effects without lagging).

Is there ANY other way to get them or is this just relied on the admins to bring back daily moonstone chances?

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they screwed things up as we were expecting them to. maybe with a lot of strong feedback, they will bring things back to the way they used to them.


keep complainin on forums! but we need more than 2 people obviously

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