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Old player comin back! class now?


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Hello all. i had a break now for about 1½year and played then a BM but might go for something new now.

What class i top dps in pve and what classes is top 3 in pvp these days? Im kinda curious on that gunslinger. thx for awnsers! See ya in game

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Welcome back.


Gunslinger is still top if not second top DPS.
As for top 3 DPS classes, this is somewhat opinionated, but I am sure I'll receive at least a couple of supporters/players who agree with me that:


Top DPS PvE (in no specific order).

Fire Gunslinger, Earth Summoner, Fire Force Master.


As for PvP, I am not confident enough to provide you with an answer, however, some Googling might help, or maybe some other player(s) could help you with that.

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Dont choose class by dps, please, but if you insist anyway consider: 

1. Right now nobody cares about dps, 90% of people look only on AP

2. Every class can do great dmg, its just that some have great burst (gunner/sin) other sustained damage (FM/BM) and until you have maxed every piece of gear its almost impossible to compare -> and its not really relevant. You overgear? you smash with any class. You dont have gear? class utility>class dps.


As for PvP 1v1

Tier 1 = WL, Sin, LBD, Des

Tier 2 = FM, KFM, Gun (gunner is hard to tell tbh, they were tier 3 but i feel they on rise right now a little bit)

Tier 3 = Sum, SF, BM (hard to tell tho since bm did get buff a little bit and sf got rework) 


PvP 3v3

This i really hard tbh to put in tiers but strongest are classes that have 2 or more escapes => WL, Des, FM, Sin, recently Gun and LBD because of iframes and spin

Tier 1: WL, Des, Sin, FM, Gun

Tier 2: SF, KFM, LDB (used to be tier1 almost god tier but recent change to HM block will be big hit to them imo) 

Tier 3: BM, Sum


Ps: this apply mostly for gold tier and up

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Based on tournaments, I mostly agree, but:


- would put Des in tier 2 for 1v1. Also for 3v3 if it wasn't for wall bang.

- BD should still be tier 1 because Gun is new meta and BD is good against Gun

- FM seems tier 3 in the West and tier 1 in KR, no idea why. RU has 1 or 2 good FMs too, but neither EU or NA.

- these last two I am not 100% sure, but would put Sum up into Tier 2 in 3v3 and FM down in Tier 2.


3v3 rebalancing has put things closer together for now, but maybe that's because people are currently still learning. Gunner is on the rise and it feels as if KFM is too, while WL is falling due to the Thrall weakness to Gun bursts. DES is also more vulnerable to Gun than BD is, balancing the wall bang advantage. Sin stays great as far as I can tell, but they need great personal skill + great team work. BM might make a rise but I will believe it when I see it. Maybe if Maksim wins Worlds. :D

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