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Dear B & S support; I want to get to you, to ask you to once and for all take note of the problems that are in the game and of which everyone speaks but it seems to you not to care.
Optimization failures, dungeons that without tightening CTRL + F; It is impossible for me to do them. With the people of my clan, we have noticed that this lack of optimization has caused many to leave the game, hoping that there is soon a patch for this.
Not only the events have become boring, but also that the lack of balance in PVP, makes it almost impossible to rank or approach any good place in this.
Not to mention the whales in 6vs6; we know that they collaborate with the game and this is fantastic, but finding 6 of them in pvp is not pleasant anymore for people who like this part of the game. I appreciate the events to raise weapons, souls, etc. But they are not doing anything to control the gold market in the game. The gold sellers, constantly spam our chat and every day appear more.
What solutions will you have for f2p players, since there are times when you feel like leaving everything and going to another mmorpg.
Particularly wait for the launch of this game for 2 years, I've been playing it since I started, and I expect much more of it. Please do not disappoint us.
Thank you very much for your attention.
PD: sorry to use a translator but my English is not very good.
Best regards.

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