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Other classes thought on gunners.


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 Anyone else sick of the new trend with gunners. If so post here. Not really looking for people who are going to knock other classes thoughts on gunners. PvP 6v6 is losing alot of people and we all know the issue as to why. (When you see jump in a specific class there is normally an explanation). 

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From a high rank FM's point of view, new "nerfed" GS is even worse than before. 2 times harder to kill, still kills you through veil no problem and wipes whole teams with unloads. 


I  don't care about their damage so much, you get used to it (despite fm having bad skillset against them without snowball build), but their mobility is too much to go with it. It's so easy to go in, snipe a few people and get out that it's just stupid. Luckily really good gunslingers are a rarity. I'd rather fight against 3 gunslingers than 3 tremor kfms like most of the time because of that.

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