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Verification takes up to 20 min - 1 hr and when in game I have less then 19 fps

Rui Rui

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I haven't been on bns for a month or so and when I wanted to play yesterday I had this problem. I just thought maybe it was some kind of issue happening but when I try to play today its the same thing. It would take an hour to "Verify" and ofc, I can't wait that long so I'd use bns buddy to launch the game. It would let me in after a few attempts but, I would have extremely low frames. It shouldn't really be a Wifi or hardware issue since for the past year of playing this game, I have never had an issue like this. I tried to run a file repair but the timer would go up to 3 days and I know you shouldn't really believe it but just looking at that is really motivating. If someone knows an answer to why this is happening please let me know! :phew: 

Edit: Now the game attempts to crash every time its on a loading screen..

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