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Point system fix


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So excluding the crashes and disconnects from 6v6, its still clear that the game punish you more than it should. Wining a fair game usually gives you 6 to 14 points (where 11+ is very rare), while losing the same game means -8 to -22 (where 13-15 is common, but 20-22 is not rare either). Basicly you need to win 2 game after every lost match, to get back to the same rank you was. This would be a big problem, if this would be in platinum ranking, but this is from bronze/silver. Losing a game in gold means twice as much lost points while gain the same ammout with a win as in lower ranks.


Solving this problem would help everyone, because we could acces more ranks, separate players by rank even more, since lower geared could not get into higher rankings, while geared people would, so everyone could play. Furthermore this would move us to solving the second problem, the crashes, disconnects and afk players.


Here is an example. Leaving the game would have cost me 20 points.


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Yeah, the biggest reason why 6v6 is considered a full whalefest is that the higher ranks do not exist, putting all the high skill dragon forge 9's into the same bracket with newer players. The constant crashing obviously makes it hard to climb the ranks, but also having to win 2-4 games for every loss you take pretty much stagnates everyone to the same MMR. It's insane that low gold is top5-10 in class rankings and pretty much everyone else are stuck at 1400-1500's.


First step is fixing the crashing and making battleground keys more available (you should be able to buy them with battlepoints tbh) to get people playing 6v6 more. But you'd also have to let the higher geared and skilled players climb to plat+ (currently nigh impossible without wintrading) to not mess up the lower ranks so badly.


I personally keep a steady 60-70% winrate on all battlegrounds per season, depending on how much I crash, but still struggle to finish in 1600+ (I tend to peak at 1700's, but I don't stop playing 6v6 when I'm at high rank like a lot of people do). You pretty much need a 75%+ winrate to hold 1700+ over the long term to make up for me massive point losses. That's a pretty ridiculous requirement in a game mode where you have a completely random team of 5 other people with you.

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