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Ok, so i've thought this for a long time now.

There aren't many hairstyles for Lyn males compared to every other gender and race, let alone any good ones. I've found myself using the same 2 bc the others either look weird af on my chars or are poorly made (pixel-y). 
I want more options when it comes to hairstyles for the male Lyn. 
Some hairstyles that are available for male Jin or Gon will look silly on the Lyn but I just want a few more.
Yes i know we got some more on for the Lyn Gunslinger patch but it's a struggle trying to make my Lyn that way, they just don't really suit Lyn..
If you can make your char a certain way, they do suit some hairstyles but no matter how hard I try, they always look weird and I don't wanna buy cosmetics for an ugly char and spend hours leveling if the char isn't appealing or just looks derpy.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.


So all I ask is more hair options for male Lyn pls.
Thank you.

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I have to agree, my lyn mostly just wears the latest trend hairstyle, but it still looks kind of odd with his face, I would love more male lyn hairstyles to choose from initially as we have with the other races

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