The main way I've been earning my Moonstones, and Elysian Orbs has been the daily challenge boxes, but in the patch preview, that box they showed (and is queued below) no longer has the marketable versions of the four base materials, it just has more of the crystals version of them, which they called a significant upgrade, when I often get 10x packs of crystals, and 5x packs of the marketable ones anyhow, seems like a downgrade to me. Now if things like transformation stones could be made using the crystal versions, I wouldn't care if those were removed, but as those sort of items do require the marketable version, that's a problem. Then with this reduction in the supply of those items, we can likely expect their cost in the market to further increase after this patch, even with the 24 lock out on the 5 million XP charms.       Oh, and the new materials chests from various dungeons like Naryu Foundry while should give more crystal versions of the materials, they no longer have a chance for 100 gold.