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Why not just merge the 2 servers on NA?

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Why not just merge the 2 remaining servers to help other players? I mean, In Yura Server it says crowded but most of those players are AFK/Idle. It's the same in Zulia but they have more new players or new characters playing in it.  It's kinda sucks for newer players that just started and Just to know there are not many players , so they quit.

I created a Blade Master for both servers 2 weeks ago (from today) to test it. I started adding newer players/new characters from the start to see how many of them will continue to end.


Then 4 weeks after.

BM (Server Yura) - From the start I have many players with me In Viridian cost doing quest. But when I moved to Cinderlands they were all gone. Those friends I added they stopped at LVL 20. So I also decided to stop. Not that I give up easily but if see no one's gonna help you on something makes me feel sad because when I started 3 years ago so many players are playing with me.


BM (Server Zulia) - Also have many players starting from Viridian Cost to Until to the Cinderlands. Then at Moonwater Plains there are few players doing Daily boss Lycan So I still continued to play and those friends I started with 16/24  played till level 55. I just got to 55 today.


Someone may say this " Why not just buy lvl50 voucher, Easy solution". Yeah, you got to lvl50 so what. You didn't enjoy most of the game so you'll be stuck asking questions what to do.But if your a Veteran player then thats for you.



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merging the servers isn't going to fix this at all, there aren't any players in those low leveled areas because there's no new people in the game, and the ones that are new or are alts of veterans level up quickly to get to endgame. There isn't anything to do early in game anymore they've streamlined it so much to make it so you level faster and get everything you need quicker to get you to the newer endgame content quicker. 

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With or without new people the old content you go through really quick to get to the areas more near end game. People aren't going to stay around those areas long enough to be seen.

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Doing lycan daily isn't rewording at all unless you want the outfit then you can farm it. Level up to the max and you see crowds and fps drops because of the high player population.

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