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where to submit a complaint on moderator's work

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With the introduction
Moderators is also a human - they can make mistakes, they can have a bad day, generally they can be wrong.


If I think that something in moderator's work is bad, where I can send my doubts / opinions so that they will be considered - someone will answer (if I was right or wrong) ???!!!


I sent a query to B&Scommunity@ncsoft.com - no answer !!
I sent a request for support - they replied quickly, but it was not their department, so they sent everything to the appropriate department - no answer !!

So I'm asking where you can send such queries / complaints / doubts - so that I can get an answer ????


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Greetings SemajLian


Your email was received and read by our Team. No reply was provided because there was no update / comment to be made regarding penalties you received which we believe were clear enough. Please keep in mind that receiving an answer to an appeal is not systematic. We might reply only if we deem necessary to do so. From this point on, please refrain from discussing Moderator actions directly on forums as this is a breach of our Code of Conduct.


Thank you for your understanding.

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