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Try to save dying game


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Hi I'm Shevi, I will now write a long list of issues in bns you should be able to fix without much korean help. More than fixing them to help me, I'm writing these to help the game, because its such a nice game and it's so sad to see it die because of such poor management. And again, these issues are like known for years, yet nothing got done, maybe either ncwest doesn't care to save it, just here to leech on ncsoft money until they can, or were just unnoticed despite having been told and reported a thousand times. Or, if there's no way to fix them, say that.


So here it goes.


Issues regarding 6v6

- People crash way too often (just gonna write it down, but it seems like you have been working on it since march, based on one post.)

- New players have no way of connecting to 6v6, because huge gear gap, right at bronze. Even if i'm on ascendant 6, as an fm i dont see a way to deal any damage or be any useful, so i simply not play 6v6. I went galaxy path when it came out, and boy was it utterly useless. Last time 6v6 was playable for me was right when it came out, even though i'd like to play it, I simply can't get any advantage from being able to play fm.


- People going afk do not get punished, instead their whole team gets punished. 



Solutions: - Add a stat equalized version to 6v6 so new players too can play it. Add better ranking system, so players without gear have a place in ladder too, see below on arena on getting more rating from wins than opponent loses.

- make afk players disconnect from the match and replace them with queuing players. The afk player who disconnected will lose extra rating and cant rejoin 6v6 for some time. (Deserter system in world of warcraft)

- Use test server and testers to find the exact cause for 6v6 crashes. If not enough testers, make a community effort, because players would help you for free to find the exact cause and fix it.


Issues regarding arena

This is a big one for me.

- Reward system is really really, like really bad. This has been said thousand times over, but just in case it wasn't heard. Why? It rewards people per character. What does this mean? People start abusing alts for extra rewards. Why is that an issue? Because lower elo players get stomped by them, and lose total interest in playing arena. "They should try hard or not at all" - see, this is not the way one should think about this problem, because this is a game, not some olympic sport.

Solution suggestions: Remove weekly and season rewards, only give outfit. Make rewards tied to zen beans and current class ranking. Make venture coins buyable from zen beans, with better class ranking giving more venture coins. What does this do? Even people disinterested in arena would perhaps return to farm some venture coins if its buyable from zen bean. While top players would still get their rewards. They can't even spend their 90k zen beans on anything they want, because soulstones require those papers, which top players obviously dont farm. A top player can get as much as 80k hm coins from season rewards from taking all top 5 places.


- Even if it weren't for weekly and season end rewards, people would still use alts to bash low players. Why? Because at high elo they can't get matches. Even as much as 30 minutes pass without them getting a single match.

Solution suggestions: give players an option to increase their matchfinding reach, like a button to press, or just increase it passively. so even at 200 elo difference you could find match, even if only gaining 3 rating from it. this is way better than taking 26 rating from that same person with an alt, just to be able to play the arena.


-No diamond or plat players - this may look a visual problem, but i believe it tells of a problem in the ranking system to which the solution to it would be very simple: make wins give you more rating than the opponent loses. maybe 20% more. increase this percentage at lower elo, and reduce it at higher elo. this would also ease the problem i wrote some lines above about top players not getting matches - they would now, with players not just trading rating back and forth over hours, but increasing each other's elo slowly if they only get each other. also instead of tying it to rating, i would tie it to all ranking, so if your all ranking is very high, you don't get bonus rating from winning.


- People with slower loading time automatically lose opener (solution is right in that post)


- Way too many bugs - i'll write some that i noticed because I got to play around them so they don't happen. There's also ones i can abuse.

*Sin 2F bug - perhaps this is the most annoying, it's basically a meme at this point that this bug is still here

*Phantom push bugs - using tab escape during flight before hitting wall will give you an iframe to avoid wallbang, without your tab escape going on cd. This works for only a few classes though, classes like bd and sin will just use their escapes midflight when this happens, so flying while going stealth. We were asked simply to not abuse it when being talked about in tournament discord.

*FM frost burst sometimes penetrates iframes, freezing the opponent - bd or wl still has z on, gets frozen, or bd uses e or q still gets frozen during iframe resistance.

*FM aerial phantom grip paralyzes the opponent in the air for full duration, if it gets cancelled by something else than the fm. Abuseable. (wl thrall stuns you, you dont have to tab escape because you know you have 3 seconds until wl comes down to ground.)but plz dont fix this, because that matchup is wl favored as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.

*bm flock gets cd reset if used during phantom push flight

*sin can use lotus switch while enemy is blocking

pretty sure there are many more bugs, you should be on the watch for them and collect them vigilantly, because people get annoyed of them.




So far I only wrote of game mechanic stuff, this part will be for what you could do as ncwest to your players which are very simple things, but are huge. I'll continue the problem and solution format.


Lack of communication between ncwest and the players

This is a very big problem. Even if you have no solution to a problem people are crying about you should say something about it, and say the truth. People will get angry when ignored, and will get angry when being lied to. And they will know when that happens. I will write down a few suggestions on ways how could this be done.

Use the community to better the game: This is what game companies start to realize, that their players actually like their game and have so many ideas on how it could be improved after playing it 24/7. Some ideas may and should be discarded, but i'd say a good 40% of ideas should be considered and responded to. What would this mean in practical terms?

- Respond to posts in forums on why you do and don't do things.

- Notice bns communities and listen to them

Examples being:


*Notice communities and support their efforts

I have seen communities make tournaments involving lots of players, even ones new to pvp scene. Notice them and support them. See, they do the management of the tournament, even give rewards, and their goal is to make arena more reachable to players. One practical issue was that tag matches can't be spectated. That would need some coding done. You could also just watch over the process, and help give the management of the tournament reward codes, so they don't have to give away their own gold. And for god's sake, use that Bladeandsoul twitch account to highlight events, because so little seems to happen, and even when they do, they pass by without much attention given to them. All they would need is a little push from the big boys Ncwest.


*Support consistent streamers

like Gummy, Zapish, Tenah, Areazs etc. I could imaginine a day like on every friday when that bladeandsoul twitch account goes to highlight one player at a time. That would also mean that the specific player would be asked to make their stream more systematic as in make it educational, without a sign of trashtalking, after all they would stand for blade and soul. The way this could be done is one of the staff members talking to the player while stream happens, kind of like how those jaesung interview videos of pro korean players go about. I can say this with confidence that there would be an interest for this to happen, as all players want to see their game thrive instead of seeing it slowly go to ruin over years.



Everything I said here was merely suggestions and I'm not expecting them to be copypasted into realization, but instead hoped it would start a thinking process aiming to tackle these problems. Because these problems bother the players, and makes them leave over time. But they could be regained should the problems be tackled on.


Best regards,



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even the arena is equal gear is just not balanced there are games where even with gear difference u have more balanced Arena. No need to talk about 6vs6. Well there is a PvP mmo coming soon. I played bns on release and it was way more fun than now + it had open pvp which is now dead.

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I heard people giving their own shots at reaching out to the company to change their ways, this is my shot. If nothing happens, no official response to this thread, I will throw in the towel and just play bns casually until it inevitably dies permanently.

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It's rare to get anyone to listen without someone popular or a large group, who feels the same to speak up.

It's like talking to a wall, if there isn't much feedback on it by others.

I've actually not seen many games, to be honest, listen to the feedbacks of the community.

Besides, you'd have to talk to the developers in KR about it, not these guys.

If you want change, get change from the ones who created this game you want to save.

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To sum up you can already throw your towel or travel to korea to have a meeting with devs.

In case you didn't know, Korea don't even listen to their end game pve testers from who they officially take feedback. Which made those testers to quit the game as well (one of them did a post on reddit summing up what happened).

At best you can expect the dull corporate company response "thank you for your feedback we're looking into it blabla..."

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