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BnS x64 doesn't start with Windows 10 April update 1803

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For me it was the bluetooth thing since Windows v1803, but at this point we should have xigncode removed because only NCSoft expect people to know that they must disable bluetooth or play the 32bits client that works fine in this Windows build...

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Can confirm that dismissing windows defender notifications fixes crashes and bluescreens when starting blade and soul during this particular update. My brother's laptop was doing this, but fortunately I had seen this thread before hand and was able to get the laptop working again. (Disabling bluetooth didn't have an effect, however, still lagging on all 64 bit clients on all computers. My laptop doesn't even physically have bluetooth, so not sure whats up with that)

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Yeah, the first time I did the Windows update, I tried disabling Bluetooth as well - it ultimately didn't do anything for me.


I'm just glad that the update doesn't throttle my game's performance this time around (like it did before). But yeah, if you don't deal with Defender (or other antivirus software), it seems that it won't even let the game start.

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21 hours ago, SilverFoxR said:

So, I had the same problem before with that big Windows update, so I reverted back to the previous version of Windows. Now, of course, since Microsoft won't let you get away with that and often forces updates down your throat whether or not they work properly, I stuck with the update, tested BnS and the big problems for me (ping and framerate) seemed to be okay.

Control panel -- administrative tools -- services -- windows update :
right click, select stop; then right click again, select properties and set startup type to disabled.

There you go no more windows update breaking things without your consent. Change startup type back if ever you NEED to use windows update.

With Win10 having the worse update system of any edition of windows I am really wondering why this ain't better known.

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Was having this issue aswell but the issue was kinda on my side. My Windows 10 update service was somewhat corrupted to the point it couldn't install newer builds.

Having said that I had to manually install build 1803(KB4467682) and the game finally worked after reboot. Once I saw the Xigncode pop up after clicking the play game button I knew the OS build was the true culprit. I don't believe antivirus programs have anything to do with it since  I had Malwarebytes and Defender on.

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