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Koldrak's raid needs some improvements

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1) Make it is possible to join existing raids that are created in very few seconds before the raid entry's timer gets expired, instead of blocking the entry upon timer expiration. I stumbled my alt on a 4-man raid at the very end of the timer, and it was a painful experience. You would also occasionally saw people soloing the boss by riding the train on the last second.


2) Even if you make a premade party/raid, it will get disbanded the moment entering the dungeon. I think you should just keep the premade party, or auto-make a raid, so that people can benefits from party buffs and party protection. Not a big deal, but nicer to have. It is also easier to keep track on afkers.


3) Add achievements to the boss. For some reason, this boss offers no achievement. While it is not game-breaking to not have achievement, it feels weird not having ones.


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