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Durability glitched for gunners in Koldrak?

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Hey all!


Not sure if I should post this in the class-specific forums or bug report forums, so I thought to just play it safe and make it general.


Anyways, I've been feeling that something has been odd when playing my Gunslinger, especially when doing Koldrak's Lair... that my weapon durability seems to drop significantly. At first, I thought it was just my imagination or that maybe Koldrak just takes down weapon durability more than normal bosses...


...but then I actually compared the durability before and after doing Koldrak runs on my Gunner and my Soul Fighter (both very similar in stats).


Soul Fighter:

Before - 83 durability

After - 73 durability



Before - 72 durability

After - 42 durability


As you can see... despite being very similar in stats and gear (and both actively fighting from beginning to end), my Gunslinger's durability loss in the same fight is TRIPLE that of my other character! And I have not noticed the same level of durability loss on my other, stronger characters as well!


So, I'm beginning to wonder if Gunslingers have a glitch on them forcing their durability to drop much faster than other classes (or at least during Koldrak's Lair). I hope this can be looked at and addressed if this is a bug, since I'm using up hammers every 2-3 days just from trying to do the event... and that's just ridiculous.

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I... don't really think that matters in this circumstance. And I do hang out more on the sides to avoid attacks regardless.


But yes, it seems they're going to need to either change the hitbox detection for Koldrak somehow or do something to prevent such a ridiculous durability loss.

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