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New upgrade cost balance

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at all... it won't help much.
We need more ways to farm mats, not just balancing upgrades. Moonstone price will remain high, but other mats price will skyrocket.
The problem about moonstones are not upgrades - there are PTS and PREMIER EXP CHARM. Premium transformation stones and pet pods cost will still remain high.
Much more help we will get, if you make ped pack bound to account.
And, for a good sake... just REMOVE the PREMIER EXP craft from game, and add it straight up to f10 in form of nccoin and hm-coin. You still will have gold sink, while not wrecking the mats market.

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Reinstate the 100 MS drop form F15 would be sufficient. That place currently drops up to 10 bound MS which is useful, but not overly useful simply due to the sheer quantity you need.


The daily material box could give 5x and 10x base with a chance at 100x as opposed to the 1x it is now. For the material chests, remove the gold option and add 10x bundles of materials at a higher change. 100G is nothing even if you can roll it. Same applies to the weekly material boxes, at least 10x of each with a chance of 100x.


Adding MS (unbound) to F16-20 would also help. I wouldn't suggest locking it at F20 as plenty of people cannot effectively farm F20 due to ping issues (Yunsang fight is more a ping test than it is anything). One could increase the chance of 100 bundles at F20, but have it as a possible drop on all floors.


As for the 5M XP charm, replace the materials, maybe make it use evolved stones instead of moonstones? Maybe make it use feathers/wings instead of orbs? It's meant to be an item for pretty much end game players with nothing left to spend their materials on, so make those end game materials be useful. Having one of the material requirements be something you can't simply buy off F5 nonstop would also make HM levels mean something. I mean like I'm HM13 through lots and lots of play time, not because I broke out my credit card (I certainly do though) and bought XP.

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What is this change even supposed to achieve?

At best- Moonstone prices will go down a bit and other materials will go up a bit. Pods, oils and transtones will stay the same ultrahigh price.

More likely- Everything will keep going up. Moonstones will go up a tad slower.

Why are they so vehemently against raising the supply for raw materials? Or taking any other (reasonable) action in the matter?
The state of the economy for the past few months has been beyond dreadful and it's consistently getting worse.

Call me crazy but this seems like a high priority issue that should've been (competently) dealt with weeks ago. But the developers either refuse to do anything in the matter or don't know how.

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[...]therefore the amount of Moonstones required for upgrading legendary PvE weapons and legendary accessories will be lowered[...]

Uh, you don't need Moonstones for upgrading legendary PvE weapons? Moonstone Crystals, maybe?

By the way, I have amassed those more than any of the other three standard materials (yes, even Sacred Crystals). So this update would just throw me even more off balance, and I'm probably not the only one here.

Why doing that, if you could have as well just increased the MS crystal drop rates from treasure pouches?

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The whole ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ is homemade by NC-Soft. I remeber a news post about 1.5 years ago, where they told something like

"Hey dont worry we heard your request for more moonstone sources and will act"


Well what they did:

1. They added Moonstones to Battleground while they limit the drop to Sat. and Sun. 1:00PM to 1:00AM in  SSP.

2. They introduced the crystal versions of materials while they removed moonstone 100x bundels from Naksun and changed moonstones for crystals in SSP and even 10x Moonstone crystal bundles at Naksun are quite rare.

Also Moonstones are not that problem. I have about 400 but i only have about 90 elysium crystals so elysium crystals are the bigger problem at least for me atm.

OK i know you need 1000+ moonstone crystals for VT Accessouirs.


Next Statement: "Dont worry we heard your concerns about upgrading your soul"

Well they lowered the amount of the needed Evolved Stones but increased the need of Transformation stones.

Result price raised.


And again: " We heard you councerns and problems about upgrading the pet"

Hey blue pets cant be used to craft Pet Pots anymore and Heroic Pets only give one instead of 2 Pet Pods

Result: Price raised from 30 to aprox. 90 Gold.

After that some highly inteligent dev thought, it would be a great idea to also use Pet Pods to craft 5Mio EXP-Charms.

Result: Price raised from aprox. 90 Gold to 190-200 Gold

These two changes raised the costs of upgrading your pet by 5 to 6 times. Realy god job NC-Soft.

NC-Soft: "But, we made this changes to make pet pod crystals available through events"

Yeah you probably did, but why the hell these pet pod crystals are NOT accountbound like other crystals? 



So every time someone at NC-Soft think he had a good idea, everything regarding this idea got screewed and more and more expensiv.

So ill guess, upgrading your stuff will get even more expensive after this "Adjustment" cause it always happend in the past...




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On 4/26/2018 at 2:20 AM, Arohk said:

Removing 5m exp charm would help a lot.

It's a tad too late for that. This is an alteration you do a day after implementing it, not after all the leets get over hm 22. The only thing to do now is to alter the charm transmuting requirement. And by that I don't mean to exchange one hard to get material with one that's even harder to obtain (what they did with the pet pod charm path).

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