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Blade and Soul keeps kicking me out?? I can't login to my account??


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Is this just me?? Coz I've tried logging in twice tonight, and I keep getting the same error message.


This happens every time I try to select my character and this error pops up, then kicks me outta the game.




I got this too yesterday; the game kicks me out every time I change character, like, wtf??

BNS kicked me out maybe 5 times before I could go back to my main character x.x




Is this problem with BNS server, or is it with my internet?? Or maybe both??

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On 2/17/2020 at 5:42 AM, Qaren said:

That does no good if it won't let us play. I get the same error.

If errors like this occurs for you when logging into the game, changing character, entering zone through a portal or F8 then it indicates your internet connectivity, I had this problem 2 years ago when I moved From one Internet Provider to another, I did not had a single DC before moving to my New Internet Provider, but the day I changed the errors like these started occurring in Blade and Soul 20-30 times a day, after a lot of investigations on my end, I decided to contact my Internet Provider via their forum and talked to Community Team they ran tests on my broadband and everything came as normal, but then they also decided to send me a new router an older version then what I had to test it and see if that changes anything, after trying and testing new router for over a week there was not a single disconnection from Blade and Soul, so I kept the older version router they sent and sent them the newer version back, never had a single disconnection from blade and soul or anywhere else since then, aka little over 2 years now.


So you could also start investigating your issue by contacting your Internet Provider and ask them to send you a new router to test, they should send you a replacement free of charge, if new router won't help you, then you'll just send them back the router and try something else. (At least in UK they send router replacements free of charge with a Pre-Paid return package, not sure in other countries, but probably too?).


You can also try and do a firmware update on your router by logging into your router by entering either 192.168. 1.1 or 192.168. 0.1.  depending on your router to the browser search.

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