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Something is totally wrong with this 6v6

A Plx

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baleful and raven in my team, 6 dragon forge on enemy team, what kind matching system is this? And losing this match will deduct 19 points, what the heck is this? The battleground is totally unbalance right now. I am dragon forge stage 9, so you don't need to suggest me to upgrade my gear. Fighting with baleful makes me feel boring and baleful in my team makes me feel awful. Sometimes, you just really can't carry baleful and raven in battleground, they don't have gear, and they don't have skills, and some of them even don't know how to play this game!


I just feel the company really needs to focus on balancing the battleground right now, they really shouldn't just consider what things they will put in next rng box or trove, think more to make this game balance. Battleground is completely unaccepted for new players, even bronze game has dragon forge or ascendant, they really have no chance to win the game. 

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I couldn't agree more.  BG is my favorite thing to do in this game, but so much is wrong.  First of all though, the class pvp imbalances have GOT to be fixed.  The gunner "nerf" was a complete joke.  Pull a team with a few geared gunners and I just want to throw my computer off the table.  The one-shotting skills and macro stun chains/aerials are just so broken.  


Second, the matchmaking.  I am not sure why it is so hard to implement a point system based on your gear, and to only allow you to queue with people within your range.  Even better, just make pvp weapons a prerequisite for even entering. 


Third, make the reward based on actual individual performance.  These damn afk'rs won't have reason to enter if they get nothing for doing nothing.  I can't speak for all the pvp'rs out there, but the ones that truly enjoy BG seem to do it for the fun of a good pvp match, not the rewards.  The only rewards you should get from pvp anyway should be pvp items/mats and maybe gold and cosmetics.


Fourth, you should only get points for winning, not lose points for losing.  This is the only way people that are there for a good game don't get penalized by the people who come in pve gear or afk and have no real intention of playing to win.  It really sucks to obtain gold status and then not want to play for fear of losing it.  Ranks should be acquired by how many points you can gain during the season, not how many you lose.  Of course if you don't win, you don't make points.


Finally, the game should hide pvp gear from being viewed by other players, and only solo queue should be allowed, or in the alternative you should only be allowed to partner queue with someone within your range of gear-based points.


I think if these changes were made BG would be more satisfying for players of all levels.



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Okay, two game i just played, one i got 22 points off, another one i got 23 points off, still baleful 12 and raven 3 on my side, dragon forge and ascendant on enemy team, nice balance NC, i wonder when you can realize this problem.

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